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        Fleming CompaniesFleming Controls and Power Specialties

        Drive Installations

        Drive Installations

        Throughout the years of providing complete solutions for many customers, Fleming Controls and Power Specialist have a solid team of certified technicians that are highly trained in all types of Drive Installation. The technician teams share ideas to find practical results during the installation and design of the project. When our teams work together, that’s a huge reservoir of experience and as good as it gets! You can be certain that you’ll get optimum performance from your control system.

        Our Drive Centers offer a wide range of services including:

        • Industry-leading systems applications engineering experience
        • In-house project design and management
        • Comprehensive software development and engineering support
        • Panel-building, installation support, and project commissioning
        • First class service and support
        • Worldwide network of Drive Centers for ongoing support of overseas contracts

        Upon request of a quote or customer service, a Fleming Controls and Power technician will call you to discuss your particular needs. We think that you will be impressed by their grasp of what is needed and by the fast turn-around of solutions.

        You will have a single contact throughout the process from initiation through installation support, commissioning, and after-sales service; a process that is simple and accountable, with clear lines of communication.

        When you’re checking on progress, your point of contact will check with each specialist working on your project and get you the accurate information and make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

        Fleming Drive Installation, commissioning and after sales support...

        The Fleming technicians will install and commission your system. This isn’t the end of the story but the beginning of our relationship; when you need support, we’ll be there. Fleming Controls and Power Specialist’s “after-sales service” is second to none.


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        Quote Request

        Our company was built on service and building long-term relationships with our clients is top priority. If you need a service quote, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch promptly.

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